$25.00 one-time

Ages 18 to 39
$49.95 per Month for Individual
$89.95 per Month for Family
Ages 40 to 74
$94.95 per Month for Family
$54.95 per Month for Individual

States Not Available: CT, ME, MD, MA, MT, NH, OR, PR, VT, VI, WA, AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NT, NS, NU, ON, PE, QC, SK, YT

Association Membership includes exclusive access to Emergency Management (EM) Educational Material, Updates and Information. Reduced rates at select EM events. Discounts on Survival Products from 1-800-Prepare.com, FirstAidMart.com, MaxLifeFoods.com and TheReadyStore.com. Receive discounts on the highest quality outdoor gear, emergency preparedness kits and go-bags. Amazing Savings on Dell Computers and Electronics. Savings on Hotels, Entertainment, Car Rentals and much more! The Value 20 Life Membership includes $20,000 Term Life Insurance/ $20,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance.

Benefits for EMA Association Members ONLY

Association Membership Required




$20,000 Term Life Insurance
$20,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment

$20,000 Term Life/ $20,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) benefit is provided to the Primary Association Member.
Member must enroll prior to age 75.

$10,000Term Life/$10,000 AD&D for spouse and $5,000 Term Life/ $5,000 AD&D for dependent children is also provided (if enrolled in the family membership).

The primary member and eligible dependents (if applicable) are covered by the Term Life/AD&D benefit both in the USA and if/while traveling outside the USA; there are no restrictions due to the duration/time period of the travel.

Please be advised that the Tem Life benefit in the Value 20 Life membership package will not be effective until the first (1st) of the month following eleven (11) months of continuous paid membership.
This product is part of an EMA Association Membership Package.

Note: Insured Benefits are offered under a Group Insurance Policy. The Insurance Company offering these benefits may increase rates, modify policies or cancel coverage at any time based upon the profit and losses of the group. EMA nor Calstar Financial and Insurance Services, Inc. has any control over policy changes, modifications or cancellations. EMA will notify members in a timely manner, should there be any change to the policy offered.

(Upon enrollment your confirmation email will show your active date which is usually the 1st of the following month, as long as enrollment takes place on or before the 20th of the current month).

NOTE: The Primary Member must either complete an application, personally enroll online or personally enroll via phone. Via telephone, we randomly confirm that the Primary member personally enrolled for this plan. If we are unable to confirm that a member enrolled for this plan, the member will be terminated.

This is just a summary of benefits. Some Exclusions and Limitations Apply.

For a detailed copy of the Insurance Policy contact your Benefits Advisor or call 877-697-0026.

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